Lista de comandos (completa) do BZFlag

All Users Registered Users Operators Administrators Note: Permissions are valid for Secretplace, Dragon, and Galkire, other servers may be different
Game Mode Keys (Default Settings)
Left MouseFire
Space or
Middle Mouse
Drop Flag
Arrow Keys or
Mouse Movement

Move and Aim
- =+
Change Time of Day
Self Destruct/Cancel
Radar Range
Auto Pilot
Slow Keyboard Motion
Flag Help
Flags on Radar
Flags on Field
I or
Right Mouse

Arrow keys scroll callsign list
Message to All
Message to Team Mates
Message to Nemesis
Private Message
Arrow keys scroll callsign list
Admin Interface
Score Sheet
Frame Rate (FPS)
Frame Time
Set Nemesis (Hunted)
Arrow keys scroll callsign list
Screen capture to bzfi####.png file in BZFlag Folder
Fast Quit
Minimize to Windows
Quick Keys to ALL
Quick Keys to Team

Observer Mode Keys
LShow Tank Labels
F6 & F7Tank Select for Tracking|Driving|Following
F8Set Mode: Tracking|Driving|Following|Roaming
F9 & F10Zoom In & Out
F11Normalize Zoom
Shift-Arrow KeysMove left, right, forward and backward while roaming
Ctrl-Arrow KeysRotate left, right, up and down while roaming
Alt-Arrow KeysMove up and down while roaming
Commands Type these in when sending a message (n m , .)
/ban ip time callsign-reasonBan ip address from the server for specified time in minutes. Time=0 is permanent ban.
/banlistList the banned IP addresses
CLIENTQUERYLists the client version information for all users
/countdownStarts a time limited game
/deregister callsignDeregisters specified callsign, or your own if no callsign given
/flag resetCauses all flags to be dropped. New flag locations are randomized.
/flag reset unusedRandomizes locations of unused flags
/flag upCauses all flags to be dropped
/flag showDisplays the status of all the flags
/flaghistoryGives history of what flags player has carried
/gameoverEnds the current game
/ghost callsign passwordKicks the specified registered callsign off the server
/grouplistShows the groups
/grouppermsList the groups and their permissions
/helpShows help text
/hostban hostmask time callsign-reasonBan hostmask from the server for specified time in minutes. Time=0 is permanent ban.
/hostbanlistList the banned hostmasks
/identify passwordLogin your callsign
/idlestatsgives a list of players idle and pause times
/kick callsign reasonKick callsign off the server giving reason
/lagwarnDisplays the current lag warning time in ms
/lagwarn timeSets the lag warning time to time ms
/lagstatsLists the lag statistics for all users
/password passwordYou become an administrator
/playerlistList the players with their IP addresses, hostmasks, and slot positions
/poll kick|ban callsignstart a poll to kick or ban specified callsign
/poll vetoCancel the ongoing poll
/poll vote yes|noVote in a poll
/register passwordRegister your callsign
/removegroup callsign groupRemoves the callsign from the specified group
/reloadReloads the databases
/report messagesends a message to the admin and/or stores it in a file
/reset variableResets a world configuration variable to its default value
/set variable valueSets a world configuration variable
/setgroup "callsign" groupAdds the callsign to the specified group
/setpass passwordchange your password
/showgroup callsignShows the groups of the callsign, callsign is optional
/shutdownserverShuts down the server
/superkillDisconnects all players on the server and ends the current game
/silence callsign
SILENCE callsign
Blocks all messages from callsign
/unban ipUnban the specified IP Address
/unhostban hostmaskUnban the specified hostmask
/unsilence callsign
UNSILENCE callsign
Unblocks all messages from callsign
/vetoCancel the ongoing poll
/vote yes|noVote in a poll

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Ativando e usando o adaptador usb2hdmi com MACROSILICON no Retroarch - Linux Mint

Estava à procura de uma placa de captura baratinha para gravar camera com o OBS e jogar com o Retroarch pra usar no Linux e acabei optando pela Macrosilicon (que na sta efigênia custou R$180,00) preço mediano, mas que gerou muita dor de cabeça para ativar (no windows foi bem tranquilo e o vendedor me afirmou que também funciona no OSX) Tentei por uns 2 meses e nada ativar, mas dai consegui uma solucao que usava pruma antiga placa de captura PCI o V4L !  Vamos aos comandos para ativar: apt-get install v4l-utils ffmpeg para conferir o status dos dispositivos de video: v4l2-ctl --list-devices USB Video: USB Video (usb-0000:00:14.0-2.3): /dev/video1 ASUS USB2.0 Webcam: ASUS USB2.0 (usb-0000:00:1a.0-1.4): /dev/video0 conferindo como ficou : v4l2-ctl --all -d /dev/video1  Driver Info (not using libv4l2): Driver name   : uvcvideo Card type     : USB Video: USB Video Bus info      : usb-0000:00:14.0-2.3 Driver version: 4.15.18 Capabilities  : 0x84200001 Video Capture Stream